Principal’s Report – T3W1

Dear Parents, 
Welcome back to term 3, in what we hope will be a much more settled term. 

SIP Goals 

This term we continue to focus our learning around the numeracy goal of student improvement in number. Teachers will be creating problematised situations for the students to show their maths thinking through. These problems will be real-life and students will use a step-by-step strategy to help them work through the problem. 

School Photos 

There has been a change of date for our school photos, due to the restrictions around Covid 19. The new photo day is next Monday, July 27th. This week you will have received an email and form for payment of school photos. Please return these by Monday. Please note on your envelope if you wish to extend payment until July 31st. 

Parent information session 

Next week, Tuesday July 28th at 9.00am, I will be holding a Parent Information session in the library discussing all things learning. It will begin promptly and will be a great way for parents to learn more about their child does at school and have the opportunity to ask questions. I look forward to seeing you all there. 

Open Classroom 

In week 3, Thursday, 6th August, at 9am we will have an open classroom. We had a fantastic turn out at the first one. Come in and learn alongside your child and see the work that they are doing in class. 

Jessica Judd