Year 7 to High School Transition 2021/2022

Transitioning to high school is an important step for all primary school students. Penola High School and our feeder schools, Nangwarry and Kalangadoo Primary Schools, and Mary Mackillop Memorial School will be working together to make this experience as positive and exciting as possible for all students. Facilitating the planning for continuity of learning requires leaders, teachers and parents to support the processes for their young adolescents to ensure their needs are met. Productive and supportive working relationships are key elements in the process. 

Students are to be nurtured, engaged and challenged, and given the same opportunities to reach their full potential in their new learning environment. Our focus is to develop students who are independent lifelong learners, through build-ing confidence, resilience, capacity and motivation. Assisting them to create a sense of belonging, and providing experi-ences that will deepen metacognition are paramount to their success. 

Establishing a culture of learning in a safe environment is essential, particularly for their wellbeing, where building rela-tionships and trust are imperative. Leaders are meeting to begin planning to implement strategies to involve leaders, teachers, students and the parent community in the journeys our adolescents will make over the next months. These actions are being designed to support Year 7 students transitioning in 2021, as well as the Year 6 and 7 students in 2022. 

Jane Pryor