Cyber Safety Policy

At Kalangadoo Primary School we promote a safe and respectful environment for all community members. Following our school’s motto of respect, courage and excellence, cyber bullying will not be tolerated at Kalangadoo PS. 

Internet Agreements 

Kalangadoo PS asked parents, caregivers and students to sign the following agreements to acknowledge acceptable use of a Department for Education device; 

  • Permission to go on the internet 
  • Social media release 
  • Appropriate use of internet contract 

These agreements will be updated regularly. 

Teaching Safety 

At Kalangadoo we will teach strategies for personal safety and advise children and students that they should not reveal personal or identifying information of themselves or others 

We encourage children and students not to use their school e-mail address in non-school online communications, as this e-mail address contains their personal name and school details. 

We teach responsibilities associated to intellectual property and copyright law and ethics, including acknowledging the author or source of information that is used. 

Teachers have the right to check the school account of each student. 

At Kalangadoo Primary school, our educators will: 

  • observe a duty of care 
  • provide appropriate supervision for students so that they comply with the practices designed for their own safety and that of others 
  • design and implement appropriate programs and procedures to ensure the safety of students 
  • teach students about dangerous situations, materials and practices 
  • deliver child protection curriculum within whole of site planning for such delivery 

User Identification and Passwords 

  • To log on, students must use a unique user identification (user-ID) that is protected by a secure password 
  • Passwords must be kept confidential 
  • Students must not disclose their personal passwords to any other person 
  • Children and students will be accountable for any inappropriate actions (eg bullying, accessing or sending inappropriate material) undertaken by someone using their personal user-ID 

Appropriate Behaviour and Use 

  • Students may use the Internet only for learning related activities that are approved by a teacher 
  • They must not cause interference to other people or equipment 
  • Children may not access or distribute inappropriate material 
  • If inappropriate or concerning material pops up, students will immediately report it to the teacher 
  • Students will only play teacher approved games 
  • Video Film clips are not to be viewed at school, unless teacher approved 
  • Personal devices, including phones, are not to be used at school. All phones are to be stored in the front office during the school day 


If a student is involved with a Cyber Safety incident, the staff and parents will work together to find an appropriate consequence. 

Internet Filtering

Whilst the Department of Education will make every reasonable effort to provide a safe and secure online learning experience for children and students when using DE online services, internet filtering is not one hundred per cent effective and it is not possible to guarantee that children and students will not be exposed to inappropriate material. 

Cyber Safety Concerns 

If you have any concerns about your child’s online safety please contact the site leader. 

  1. Concerning Parents will be notified 
  2. Site leader will follow the process below when a cyber-safety incident occurs;