Dress Code Policy

Endorsed by Governing Council 2015

The school community at Kalangadoo Primary School believes that a school dress code promotes a sense of pride and belonging in our school.

Our values, which are respect, courage and excellence and healthy wellbeing, are supported by a cohesive approach to encourage the wearing of appropriate school wear.

A school dress code ensures we meet health and safety requirements, especially when students are on school excursions, as they are more easily identified and enhance our public image.

Wearing school colours reduces the level of peer pressure on parents to wear expensive, fashionable and inappropriate clothing.

Students exempt from this policy.

The Department for Education (DfE) provides exemptions on the following grounds:

  • Religious
  • Cultural
  • New students (up to a term)
  • Genuine medical or family reasons.

Exemptions can be obtained through a written request to the Principal, with an explanation of the reasons. Occasional exemptions for a single day due to unforeseen circumstances which prevent the wearing of school colours may be sent in a written note to the class teacher.

What is the Appropriate School Dress Code?

The school colours are NAVY and GOLD.

Clothing that children wear to school should be in line with the school’s Sunsmart Policy i.e. long length shorts and dresses, shirts with collars and sleeves. Items in school colours are available for sale at school plus we have a range of ‘pre-educated’ clothes for a gold coin donation.

Approved Dress Code Items include:

  • Polo shirts (navy)
  • Dress or skort in school colours. Girls may wear a blue and white check dress purchased at department stores.
  • Track pants (navy, black or grey) and Blue Jeans. Pants/Jeans to be free of stripes, large logos or clothes withoffensive, drug or socially unacceptable slogans.
  • Shorts (navy, black or grey) must be of an acceptable length
  • Jumpers or polar fleece tops (school colours and logo) Year 7 may wear a specially designed top purchasedthrough the school.
  • Jackets/Parkas – plain and in school colours (navy blue)


We have a ‘No hat, no play in the sun’ policy in Terms 1, 3 and 4. All school members need to wear a hat when outside for more than 10 minutes.

The only suitable hat style is a broad or wide brimmed hat (navy).

Peaked caps, baseball caps and visors do not provide enough protection from the sun; therefore students who wear these will be asked to go to a shaded area, as will any student without a hat.


Well-fitting footwear that is fully enclosed including sneakers or leather shoes. School sandals may be worn during warmer months. Thongs, crocs, and open backed sandals are not appropriate.

Label all clothing

Parents are asked to clearly label all items of clothing.