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Kalangadoo (formerly Kalangadoo East) is a small town located approximately 350km south-east of Adelaide and approximately 40km north-west of the regional centre of Mount Gambier. Kalangadoo is an Indigenous word meaning “Big Trees in Water”. The current population of Kalangadoo is about 300 people.

It was originally proclaimed as Kalangadoo East in 1891, and the name changed to Kalangadoo in 1940. Currently, Kalangadoo has a small business district which includes a general store, a mechanics, a pub and post office. The disused railway station houses a small museum.

Kalangadoo has a strong, vibrant football and netball Club which has experienced a large amount of success over recent years. The football and netball clubs play in the Mid South East competition.

Kalangadoo is the centre of a rich agricultural district that specialises in potatoes and timber, as well as beef cattle, sheep and dairy cattle. Kalangadoo also has a local apple farm which produces Kalangadoo Organic Apple Juice and a cherry farm.

Kalangadoo is located within the federal division of Barker, the state electoral district of MacKillop and the local government area of Wattle Range.

Excerpts taken from Wikipedia.org and the book Big Trees in Water: Kalangadoo, the Town and the People, 1850-1990 by M.Kawke